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Show your bike some love!

Yep, we fix a lot of bicycles…We as a store are bike mechanics first and foremost, we work on bicycles all day and sadly don’t seem to tire of it!

Below is a basic outline of our common services performed and what they are charged out at. It is important to note that we work on any brand of bicycle.

General service.  $89.95   (single speed $69.95)

Our No1 request! We de-grease all the parts that move your bike forward

Check frame and component condition including tyres.

Adjust gears and brakes, lube and or replace cables

Check all fittings for correct tension.

Check and adjust bearing preload

True wheels, re-lube chain and inflate tyres.

Major service.  $149.95

Same as general service only-

Disassemble and service hubs and bottom bracket and headfittings

Thorough  wash.

Race Check   $25


Check all fittings for correct tension

Check gear and brake adjustment.

Fork service   $55

Oil and seal change (oil included)

Disassemble clean and inspect

Brake Bleed    $40 (includes brake fluid)

Glue Tubular tyres    $45  (inc glue)

Wheel build    $55

Change tyre/tube   $8

Rear shock service   $45

Replace and oil seals in air sprung shock (inc oil)

Basic Gear adjustment    $15


The above are labour prices only…..any parts required are extra.

Bicycle being mechanical devices are prone to any number of malady’s or strange noises. Some of these problems might not require something from our set service menu. We happily diagnose and remedy any problem and work on a rate of $60 p/hr, keeping in mind we have been doing this work for a collective 45 yrs it may not take that long! We are also happy to take the time to teach a basic repair such as changing a tyre or lubing a chain, this can boost confidence and enable you to travel further more freely! Cool!

Happy riding!